• Gibraltar law firm with over 30 years in the legal profession, we have a solid reputation based on experience and results.

    As solid as the Pillars of Hercules, Gibraltar lawyers Cruzlaw and its predecessor Cruz & Co, have been delivering legal advice since 1996. We have an international reputation for giving first class professional service and advice in a wide range of practice areas. A member of Chambers and Partners we are recognised and connected within  Europe, the United Kingdom and North Africa.


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  • Why Gibraltar?

    The ability to offer services both Legal & Financial within a low tax jurisdiction has contributed to Gibraltar’s development and standing as a major British International Finance and Business Centre. The lifestyle, the weather and the geographical location with it’s easy routes in and out of the UK make it perfect as a base as a workplace and as a home.

    Benefits of Gibraltar Include:
    – Politically Stable
    – Familiar English Legal System
    – Well Regulated
    – Favourable Tax Benefits

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  • Need good sound legal advice and a measured response? Cruzlaw are the answer.

    We deliver:

    – Expertise in our field

    – A bespoke service

    – Responsiveness

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Cruzlaw LLP

We have the expertise and experience to deliver what you need.

We are Lawyers based in Gibraltar with a global reach through our international network with a proven skillset and track record that will have your interests and objectives at the heart of our work. From Commercial matters to dispute resolution including representing clients regularly in the Gibraltar Supreme Court, the Gibraltar Court of Appeal and the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in the United Kingdom, in essence the UK Supreme Court. You can be assured we have the expertise and reputation you will require to achieve resolution. We are an approved establishment for the purpose of the provision of the practical training requirement.

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We have the expertise and experience to deliver what you need.