A pilgrims tale

A rather unusual story involving our Associate Gerrard Tin, who recently took the case of a man had been found sat at the bus top adjacent to Notre Dame School in Gibraltar. On search he was discovered to be in possession of ten grammes of psychoactive mushrooms and a knife. In what seemed to be a “cut and dried” story,  it “mushroomed” at the Magistrates Court where the Justices of the Peace heard how James Karim Benzakour Nicholson was found at the bus stop. Cruzlaw lawyer, Gerard explained to the court how Mr Nicholson is a travelling ‘pilgrim’ who is currently homeless and only came to Gibraltar to see the Rock.

The justices of the Peace took into account the period of time the defendant had spent in custody when issuing the order and subsequently has was given a conditional discharge for 12 months for possession of a class A drug and possession of a bladed article exceeding 3 inches.

Interestingly the Cambridge dictionary ascribes the word “pilgrim” to quote “a person who makes a journey, often a long and difficult one, to a special place for religious reasons .