Accent on english.

There is a debate on social media at the moment about whether the Duchess of Sussex has changed her accent now she has become an English aristocrat. Clearly Meghan is an American and as clearly she is an accomplished actress. It is one of her strengths she can literally switch like many of the Royal Family from personal family interaction to public engagement. Think about it you probably even did it yourself when you first met your in-laws or future partner.

It is a natural human characteristic and it has a word, it is called “accommodation.” Very much how body language and mirroring define how we perceive people language does the same even reinforcing our first opinion. So for everyone thinking Meghan is being fake think again she is just engaging with the thousands of strangers she meets every week who will, to a man and woman judge her on the 20 seconds they might get saying hello.

It is also the reason why lawyers always speak eloquently with good diction, pauses and grammatical drama. Much like an actor.