Acquarius Trust Group & Crypto

Addiction is a thing and crypto is fast approaching “Player 1” expert level addiction.

It is literally everywhere you facebook/twit and stag, (my latest short moniker for instagram). Notwithstanding the token sales, updates and “things that make you go ooooh” I also predict there will be a song along the lines of “tiptoe through the crypto” within 12 months. Especially as several rappers are in on it. To the rest of us it is a clearly fast moving world that was already at 100% geek just to get close to understanding it and thankfully here at Acquarius Trust Group along with our partner law firm Cruzlaw LLP we are here to help you through the technical side or should I say tech-side-non-geek elements.

So you cannot fail to have noticed it but what can you do to get involved?

You can one of several things but to us the main elements are either you:

  • Buy coins/tokens in order to invest.
  • Explore the “smart contracts” environment for your own business.
  • Create your own coin/token to raise capital for a venture.

The rest of which there is plenty we ought to leave aside in the geek tin.

Gibraltar was the first country to introduce a framework for legislation for DLT (Blockchain). This means if you decide to get involved then using Acquarius you can be assured that our processes are of the highest calibre and fall within legislative guidelines. Acquarius through the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange is able to advise and enable any investor on how to go about buying coins/tokens safely. If this is what you would like to do please contact us.

The “Smart contract” environment is one of the reasons blockchain is so useful. Due to it’s central ethos of decentralisation, yes I really said that it removes control from any singular entity and opens it to everyone. This basic concept means that if any change is effected the change is not accepted until or unless there is a consensus among all those on the blockchain. Technically it is foolproof. So whether you are buying property, creating documents that must be held securely or any other of a myriad of things that can be securely held digitally our partner law firm Cruzlaw LLPcan be contactedon these matters for advice.

Last on our list and probably the most popular at the moment is the coin or token sale. There are several ways of raising these sales and after a few years of some fairly radical issues it is now widely expected that a serious token sale will follow  a simple path. The Acquarius Trust Group are equipped to advise and assist you in your token/coin sale. From the initial creation of the whitepaper and all that it is expected to contain to an exchange through which to mount the sale and post sale back up. It is better to go through all the requirements and come out the other side with what could be serious investment capital and a robust coin/token going forward than to be dismissed before you start.

Contact us nowand we’ll be very happy to help you.