C19 2023?

We know it hasn’t gone away and whether we believe what governments say or not there is no doubt Covid was a thing and killed people. January 2023 recent stats are. Globally, nearly 2.9 million new cases and over 11 000 deaths were reported in the week of 2 to 8 January 2023. This represents a reduction in weekly cases and deaths of 9% and 12%, respectively. In the last 28 days (12 December 2022 to 8 January 2023), over 13.9 million cases and over 49 000 new deaths were reported globally – an increase of 10% and 22% respectively, compared to the previous 28 days. As of 8 January 2023, over 659 million confirmed cases and over 6.6 million deaths have been reported globally.

If you read our previous blog a while ago now on pandemics this is well below some of the pandemics of the past by a huge margin and it is clear now estimates from wherever they came seem well over exaggerated. There are those that are still redoubling the old efforts which may lead to tragedy given what we now know.

To date Gibraltar has had over 20K cases and 111 deaths. We are 179th on the world list UK is number 9 of course the flu is out there at the moment too so remember to protect the vulnerable of whatever age they may be.

I await more news and will as always pass it on when I have it.