Apparently a 7,500 year old skull was found on a cave near Europa Point in 1996. Quite how they knew what day was her birthday I’ll never know but hey ho! This week the Gibraltar Chronicle announced the skull find in more detail including the name of said ancestor “Calpeia.” This brings the discoveries so far to 3 skulls and one child’s dog tooth. A treasure trove in archaeological terms. “Nana” was discovered in 1848 in Forbes Quarry cave and “Flint” a 4 or 5 year old boy was found in 1917.

Our latest addition is called Calpeia because it was an old name for Gibraltar, which if you read me regularly, piqued my curiosity. I like to meander through stuff and this week it led to a great blog which lists in historical chronology all the names Gibraltar has been known by. Fascinating for Gibraltarian’s and travellers alike. Calpeia now puts our timeline firmly in place as a nation rather than a chip pff the old Iberian block as according to her DNA she is not from Iberia but 90% of Turkish origin, well at least the Anatolian area of Europe. I reckon they should have called her “Tony?”

Now you are probably wondering what that has to do with a Law Firm, in Gibraltar called Cruzlaw? In truth nothing except we are proud of our heritage and sometimes it is nice to open a Law Firm website and learn something different than how to ring us up and get an appointment. Which by the way is 00350 20076552 or click here

Enjoy your week.