Cruz with a view…

Friday was a day out for both the Cruzlaw and Acquarius teams, well earned and definitely a well needed Trip away from the air con/office into the fresh mountain air. Mountains? I have you’re attention then do I? Alighting the private bus at the frontier at 9am, once everyone was on board, there is always one or two that are late who shall remain nameless but are well known to the team we set off towards Estepona.

The trip was organised by Lorraine (ideas guru) and her trusty co pilot Denise (organisational guru) and we were warned to breakfast before Leaving home as we were going straight into action. Action it was and after a roughly 90 minute trip we were high in the mountains north of Estepona, ceremoniously dumped off the bus wondering how the next couple of hours were going to pan out. Lucky for some who had warm tops as the weather, lacking rain as yet was chilly, misty and grey. As we gathered off the bus our guide Sergio from “Experience Box” gave a short brief probably to stop us getting colder, and then off we set into the trees and foliage. It was here the natural leaders of the group forged ahead, Roslyne in particular who I think took a shine to Sergio closely followed by Kathryn and Paul Miles Our Operations Director. Paul a keen golfer looked most comfortable probably because he is used to being in the rough, amongst the trees looking down constantly in search of his balls. Other Directors Nick Cruz and Oli Andlaw preferred the Grand Ol’ Duke of York approach, halfway up and halfway down incase at some point a decision needed making. Thankfully Sergio was tail end charlie keeping the pace calm and making sure no one wandered off piste.

The start of senderos Los Reales

The bus took us a lookout high in the Sierra Bermeja. Although we had a few spatters of raindrops it was generally grey and cloudy as we walked. The going was rocky And although not difficult it took concentration and the wind chill was up. We spent most of trek heading upwards to the summit of the trek. The mountain Los Reales is the most visible from Estepona red in colour I’m sure many of us have looked whilst driving along the A7 or the B340 and wondered. Today we would wonder no more as the metres swept under our feet and we got higher and higher seeing the odd patch of coastline through a break in the clouds. On a sunny day the going may have been harder for the heat but the views probably more spectacular although we had our fair share.

As we started our descent from the summit the terrain becomes even rockier, it is recommended if you go to wear good shoes or boots and pick you way carefully some parts can be difficult but not so bad as to be insurmountable. Several people slipped on the loose stones but luckily only Christine Decided to trip on the trip which meant she needed the guides help to get the rest of the way back down to the coach. Most of us figured who wouldn’t want a handsome young chap holding onto them, it just so happened Christine was smarter and quicker to the opportunity. Two and a half hours later we made it onto normal tarmac then climbed the hill to the waiting coach were we gladly paused, fell back in our seats and headed to lunch at the Venta Victoria in Casares where we had a most superb lunch.

Big thanks to Nick and Oli for the day off and the trip/lunch. Thanks also to Lorraine and Denise for thinking of the idea and organising the days events as always a great job well done.