Cruzlaw Still Operating!

Just a quick reminder that in this modern world meetings with Cruzlaw are when required carried out via a raft of social media and electronic connections. Unfortunately the world still revolves even under such testing times we are going through right now. Gone are the days when the secretary sashayed in with his notebook then to return to his typewriter and send everyone a carbon copy. Worse for those oldies (who have visited museums) those old machines with the strong smelling purple dye rolled off the machine by hand. Now we can meet over the telephone, Skype, Telegram, Whatsapp, you name it we’ve got it.

I feel like we are ahead of the curve here at Cruzlaw, just last week our computer geek came into the main office last week and reminded everyone we don’t need “tippex” anymore. Apparently you just press the key on the right hand side of the keyboard with a backward arrow and it deletes for you. He also said it would save him staying behind nightly and reduce screen cleaning costs. “Win win!”

Finally with the Covid 19 being devastatingly destructive everyone is isolating especially in families so in keeping with my intention to dominate the legal world I’ve taken up “Risk“. It’s a board strategy game created in 1957 sold in the wider market by Parker Bros in 1959. The objective is to take countries and accrue parts of the world until of course you are in charge. Great for passing those hours when you’ve exhausted Netflix, Prime, HBO and all the other streaming sites. It is all about strategy, not just blundering in and committing “hari kiri”. As Musashi would say “When you cannot be deceived by me, you will have realised the wisdom of strategy.”

Take care and stay healthy.