Cruzlaw what happens in a lockdown?

It seems as the world goes into lockdown or as is the case now starts to peek through the curtains we all assume everything is shut. It is true in many cases things must close, shops other than food stores must close, buying a new t shirt for your jog around isn’t strictly a necessity. Sam too with restairants, bars and other places that we can get by on. Businesses are furloughing staff for the same reason but there are places that may seem shut but in general still carry on behind closed doors where the risk is minimised.

Government must continue as should transport if necessary, taxi’s can drop to a minimum and so can other places where businesses are a luxury and not what could be called a necessity.

Othersshould close. Hairdressers, no matter how bad you or your partner gets to look, nails don’t need the professional touch every week or two and neither, please don’t gasp, neither do you need to use the dry cleaners, chiropodist, dental hygenist or chinese superstore for all your party needs.

Many businesses must continue behind clothes doors, insurance companies, finance companies, even estate agents have clients on their property rental portfolio that have issues with boilers that burst or lost keys. I even heard of one client that rang the property manager on a Sunday because the electricity had tripped. I was caused by a fault on the appliance and so once the property manager went to reset the electricity after they’d figured out what was the issue all was well and the client was advised not to use the appliance until repairs, checks could be done. The following day the client did it again. Now is that an emergency or stupidity?

Cruzlaw too throughout the lockdown has been working, casework still needs preparing and arguments thought through. Until the courts open again there is much reading and writing to be done, the bread and butter of lawyers the world over. Wills and other legal documentation can all be done via email, online calls or email. Requests for advice and all manner of assistance is easily given with these days or zoom, skype and facetime.

So don’t delay if you have a problem or a query then call us or email us the sooner you do the quickly you can resolve it and regain your peace of mind. Cruzlaw details are on our website, which is where you are now, reading this.

Stay safe.