Crypto rising – again

Bitcoin along with the other main players has seen a resurgence over the past week. As always with the “cryptocurrency” media the noises were louder than the actual rise which to be true is solid but hardly the record breaking high some “experts” were plugging. Some even suggesting bitcoin itself would hit over $21,000 #DoubtingSarcasticFace on that one.

We said after the huge drop from near $17,000 to around $3000 and folks said it was finished as a valid medium that predictions of cryptocurrency death were well wide. Let’s face it these were mainly predictions from those that are in for the gain rather than the tech itself.  So it seems to be as BTC is over $7k and ETH, Litecoin as well as even Bitcoin Cash are up trending north in a clearly bull period.

Stick around the show isn’t over yet and like everything it is the ups and downs that give you a profit if that is your intention.