Doctors in Da House!

The Acquarius and Cruzlaw troops took a break from desk duties to visit the Rock Escape Rooms for some brain taxing whacky fun and of course to bolster team spirit.

With 18 of us splitting into three groups of six it was a case of forget friends win at all costs. Teams picked by the three captains Cheyanne, Katherine and Daniel we were sent to our rooms, locked in and set to the puzzles. If you haven’t tried escape rooms they are fun, take some great team cooperation and of course the odd hint from the organisers when you have exhausted all options. There are six rooms so each team did two each and if you were hearing cheers then you know you weren’t the first to escape.

Gold team, Jenice, Sally Anne, Lorraine, Denise, Frankie & Capt Cheyanne

All in all it was a brillint few hours of fun each room has a time limit of one hour or you get locked in forever or die in the case of one room where you have been poisoned and need the antidote. The photo of the winning team obviously had to make the website so well done to them.