Easter before Brexit? Not this year.

First week into January already and whilst there those grappling with regret over their NY resolutions some of us are hard a work sweating the pounds away and looking forward. There are those of course looking forward further to the next decent break which is Easter. The bad news is Easter is later than ever this year landing on the 21st April. More than 3 1/2 months away, suck it up, head down and work through your disappointment. Many of us are not looking that far ahead, depending on when Mrs May comes up with her vote on the withdrawal agreement that followed by whatever Brexit happens is the first major milestone this year. Especially for those of us that want to remain. Whatever the pro’s and cons there is no doubt the EU has been enormously beneficial to Gibraltar both politically and financially. We grow and are stronger within but we always sit alongside Britain as it has sat alongside us before. So we look towards the 29th of March with some trepidation but like Gibraltarians before us we will make what we can from it and continue to prosper. See you on the other side.