EU referendum is just a month away

No matter what news agency you watch here or in UK, perhaps even amongst those European countries like Germany and France the UK’s referendum is a constant mantra. It almost plays into the #Brexit camp as the public could well get sick to the back teeth of hearing and listening to opposing parties laying out their side of the story. Acrimoniously.

Our Chief Minister Fabian Picardo wrote recently to the City AM paper in London. His point uniquely spot on for a politician was that Gibraltar is likely to have an Feb26 039overwhelmingly vote in favour of remaining in Europe. Moreover that vote could well significantly impact on the referendum especiallyfor the #Remain camp. The benefits to us are clear and probably what being in the EU should be about. Rules to protect the citizens, a community funding policy to help better infrastructure. A recourse to a higher legal court when sometimes the local courts don’t see the wood for the trees and membership of a wider organisation that means we are stronger as a whole instead of weak and isolated. The 23,000 entitled voters here in Gibraltar especially incase of a close run in the UK could easily sway the decision to remain and for the fortunes and prospects of Gibraltar it would be a great result. Like membership of UEFA, FIFA and other institutes both business and financial around the world, our continuing membership of the EU keeps the bullies in their place and Gibraltar thriving as an economy. June 23rd vote #remain in Europe.