EU Referendum still dominating?

You would think after a long weekend celebrating the Queen’s 90th year that Gibraltar would stay out of the news but naturally much like the Queen’s, life goes on. The Gibraltar Chronicle has our Leader Fabian Picardo delivering a robust speech to the UN Committee of 24, the one place whose job it is to help self governing territories toward decolonisation. In it he accuses the committee of ‘conspiring’ with Spain against Gibraltar and congratulates Spain on 50 years since the UK challenged Spain to test our sovereignty in the  International Court of Justice. Something it continues to not do legally, as the recent ruling by the Court of Arbitration for Sport said in the case of FIFA there is no legal challenge to be had.gib1

El Pais the Spanish national newspaper also has Gibraltar again in it’s pages as it runs through life here and it’s economic model, speaking to various members of the community trying to get a feel of how we’ll vote in the referendum. Check the full article here the highlights are often the same as with many articles on Gibraltar but worth a reminder of the daily grind. We employ some 7000 Spaniards and possible up to 3000 other EU nationals that cross the frontier daily for work. We have connections via our EU membership that does give us a unique position that as a nation we use to better our standard of living via business relationships in its various forms. We make the best of what we can using the resources, acumen and personality of what is Gibraltar. In other words we do what any other independant thinking, self determined country would do for it’s people.

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