Gibraltar Day in London

The now traditional event that the Government holds annually in central London is underway this afternoon with a finance lunch to be held at the Guildhall. These lunches


London Guildhall

put together local businessmen with interested colleagues and supporters from the London financial apparatus and is seen on the whole as beneficial for Gibraltar. Not just in terms of putting us above the parapet but also rubbing shoulders with the ‘City’ itself. There is no doubt our financial model, no matter what you read in the press across the frontier, has strong regulation, astute businessmen who follow those regulations and the acumen to make Gibraltar a big player in the market place we delve into. We eat at a table alongside the likes of Malta, Jersey/Guernsey and others trying to eke out a financial living. Seeking investment, relocation of businesses to  our more attractive shores and those wealthy enough to buy here, live and invest in our local economy and infrastructure.

There is no doubt that Fabian Picardo has scaled down what Gibraltar Day became, into a more manageable almost partially self supporting advert for our financial business and perhaps it needed to be focussed. It also serves to remind our Westminster friends and foes alike that we are here, remain fiercely and largely independent fighting tooth and nail to survive upon this Rock, self determined and self sufficient.

On an ecological note I think they’ve also gotten rid of the balloons.