Have a great festive season…

Six days to go, I know it’s come around too quick as usual, especially for the men. One minute you’re thinking about what to buy next thing you know it’s christmas eve and you still haven’t gotten around to it. It is why so many wives and girlfriends or partners, to be utterly p.c. end up with something they would never ask for but happened to be right in front of his face when he walked into the shop. Vouchers are good by the way although there is no big box to wrap; which to be fair is another plus point. I wrapped a present for my young lady this last weekend after she tried the gift on. I get the paper thing but she handed me one of those curly ribbon things to stick on which I thought was pointless as she was there helping me wrap it. Nope she wanted it, warts and all. Women, they really are different class.

Men on the other hand don’t really mind. As long as there is some paper to rip off, a bit like a pet dog, then we’re happy. I remember my inlaws many years ago all folded their wrapping paper neatly as it was removed. It wasn’t being kept for reuse just they did it that way. Me being part of xmas was like have a whirling dervish descending, I ignored all that and every xmas ripped the paper scattering around me like confetti. They loved the whole mischief of it, at least their smiles said so but maybe like a child at xmas I was lost in my own moment.

Which brings me to the reason every family like xmas, to see the joy on the faces of the kids from a visit to santa to sneaking dow xmas morning faces lit up by the soft glow of the tree lights and the twinkling tinsel around the pile beneath the tree. The dinner, the fun, the one time that most families share together and sleep together late afternoon after the big roast and Her Majesty.

Whatever you do, with whoever you do it have a lovely xmas day and the holidays around it. Merry Christmas to you all!

Cruzlaw xx