Hong Kong to Gibraltar are there parallels?

A few weeks ago I was asked if I would take a couple of young Hong Kong reporters aroundGib to watch the Lions Gibraltar FC train and meet some players, particularly Jayce Olivero one of the youngest players to make a debut for a national side. They also asked me many questions on life and living in Gibraltar. As I’ve spent time in Hong Kong both before the hand back to China and just last year for a few days holiday, my perspective is useful apparently.

They also called us after the Brexit result for my opinion and asked if I knew anyone who’d been in politics, was also a businessman and could offer his take. Step forward Acquarius Trust Group’s, Managing Director Nick Cruz. The finished article on their whole trip covered some 40 pages of copy you can find the link here, get it google translated if you wish and read on.  http://www.mingpaoweekly.com/40758-gibraltar 夢回.直布羅陀

It’s not easy to follow  but you get the gist of the article and others as the whole 40 pages are spread into various areas sport, business etc. Hong Kong was handed back in 1999 by then Governor Chris Patten, it was a wet stormy ceremony almost foreboding but the Chinese Govm160626 Yan 0430ernment in their wisdom did not absorb Hong Kong. They have allowed it to continue along similar lines. Business as usual creating wealth as the eastern hub of finance although there is no doubt the fingers of the party are carefully interwoven to ensure obedience to Beijing. It is not quite the same as the Gibraltar position in terms of politics but the parallels are there. We were not leased by the UK but in the end given for eternity until we the people change that position. We have a neighbour that likes what we’ve done with the place over the past 312 years and wouldn’t mind a piece of the action. Unlike Hong Kong, it’s not going to happen.

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