I fought the Law and the Law won.

The Clash had a hit in 1979 with “I fought the law and the law won” the original from the Bobby Fuller Four in 1966 was a big hit and several bands have covered it too. If you look at the lyrics it is proof all you need is a catchy title to move up the charts and of course the old standard ‘four parts and a middle eight’ (look it up it might change your life).

Yes it’s just an oldie but goodie and there is a serious point the Law isn’t about winning it is about many things. Sometimes justice, sometimes rights and sometimes to cement things into place in cases of bereavement, divorce or the more positive marriage. There are many times when a little legal advice will go a long way to help resolve your issue and not all require the sitting of a judge and jury. Any query you have no matter how small is important to us because it is important to you. Whether you are in dispute with someone or something. If you want to register a boat, or have a legal problem that revolves around the sea, maritime & connected areas or if you are having difficulty involving insolvency. This is what Cruzlaw do. If you need advice for your business or you have a personal problem at work or because of work or in fact any other matter listed on our website don’t delay contact Cruzlaw.

Cruzlaw do what we say in the name, law. That and the fact we’re good at it. Drop us an email or call the office for any kind of legal advice you may or may not think you need, don’t guess, be certain and choose Cruzlaw.