Impasse or no impasse?

For over 3 years now the cry has been brexit or remain nothing else dominates the news like this apart from maybe Guido Fawkes and the gang back in the 1605. It was a similar kind of problem except not the religion of the EU but one of Catholic v Protestant. The King (Boris) seemingly holding all the cards but the Catholics (Remainers) trying desperately and in ever increasing rhetoric and defiance threatening to thwart him in support of democracy, or “true” democracy as they might put it.

You see a ballot whether you like it or not was held the choices on the paper said “Leave the EU” or “Remain in the EU.” No matter the words used by both sides in order to garnish their argument the paper, the piece everyone placed an “X” upon had those two simple choices. Whichever one gains the most votes has won and it shall be enacted. It is called democracy. It is worth noting 96% of we Gibraltarians voted to remain whatever our reasons. However we like the Scottish and other are part of a whole, we rejoice being part of that whole particularly when Spain get a kicking or try to give us one. Therefore we accepted the result as did everyone else until money started trying to overturn the result which is where we are today and continue to be as those behind the scenes seek to change a fundamental cornerstone of democracy. If you ask the public then it is binding, especially if you say it is!

So now looking at the papers in UK democracy must be seen to be done, the democracy of those who lost the vote that is by overturning the democracy of the winning majority. More than three years and people are getting more vocal, more evocative in the or speech and more undemocratic in the search for their democracy.

It isn’t what we voted for BUT if we expect everyone else, including Spain to accept true democracy in our favour or not then we must see the result of 2016 through, good, bad or ugly. Certainly as Gibraltarians we are used to that kind of scenario.