Info and films the best way during Covid19 lockdown.

Deputy C.M. Joe Garcia has released information on the readiness of the GHA in terms of availability if there is a sudden surge in cases of Covid19 on the Rock. Any one visiting Europa Point these days will see a new temporary medical facility built there on the site of the new stadium sports complex. The temporary facility has 190 beds which can be expanded to 300 if required. This means we have currently 34 beds available in the COVID ward also 13 beds in the COVID ICU. In total 181 beds at St Bernard’s plus the 190 in Europa.

Dr Garcia clarified further by saying “Indeed, today only 38 beds at St Bernard’s are in use. 143 beds are free. 443 in total if Europa Point is included.”

He also updated Gibraltar on testing saying up to 260 patient samples can now be tested for Covid-19 every 24 hours in Gibraltar. Test analysis was undertaken undertaken in UK before but with all the equipment sorted it speeds up results which is good news for those worrying about their test.

Not withstanding information the self isolation in Gibraltar seems to be holding up well. Going out for exercise is easy as we can go around in a circle if you are feeling up the the approx 10k walk around the Rock. It seems the popular route however is the flat walk down Rosia road, through to Camp bay and back. The main supermarkets Eroski at the border and Morrison’s have their queues the smaller places are controlled at the till area. Town is very quiet and though there are people walking along the streets in the main people are staying at home.

Families are discovering family games, TV box sets and re running movies they haven’t seen for ages. Even the old black and whites are getting an airing amongst the more movie minded. Which reminds me I watched an old film of the monotone variety. “The Silent Enemy” all about a naval bomb disposal team based in Gibraltar during WWII. It covered the Italian underwater  teams riding across the Bay from Algeciras and placing limpet mines and Britsh ships. Do yourself a favour and watch it if only to enjoy Gibraltar’s panoramas.

Whatever you are watching and doing during the lockdown, be safe, keep fit and be kind to each other especially when the lady of the house wants the TV remote.