It’s not all sport…

A rather busy weekend for all England thrashed the Scottish, although our founding Director Nick Cruz won’t be happy as his good lady hails from north of that border so he enjoys the fruits of a Scottish link and all the tears that delivers, be it football, rugby (his favourite game) or perhaps independence. Independence, not really a game but certainly a ball to be regularly kicked around by Ms Sturgeon, as she was in the news over the weekend poised to ‘go again’ much it seems to the chagrin of the Scottish voters. 39% in favour of another vote as opposed to 49% last time think it is ok to try again with a further 13% don’t knows. Given the way some folks don’t even bother voting this is a slim margin to gamble it all on .. 2 years after the last. Still their current debt is probably attractive in the hope they can offset it with EU membership if they leave the UK. They’d become another Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain or Ireland. Deep in debt waiting for a bailout and hoping the English/Welsh pay for a new non shengen border just above Berwick. They’ll be in trouble too playing in the scottish football league if they forget their passports.

Ireland; now Sinn Fein have gained a majority clamouring for a split, there’s trouble brewing and the icing on this cake is the Republic have no stomach for it, they are too much in debt to want to add a whole new slice of country with all the funding they won’t be providing. Unless they request a special refugee payment on release from the EU.

Thankfully the EU has plenty of cash, creating a new 20,000,000 € army to protect its leading politicians. Wasn’t this run once before in that small state called Rome? This time though they can argue there was a Treaty of Rome instead of slavery to Rome, or Brussels.

Gibraltar of course voted overwhelmingly to stay in the EU and rightly so, we need some of the aspects of the EU much like England, Wales and all the others do. The problem is I suppose those at the top in any walk of life forget why it was created and start to believe it is their empire to mould as they want, to rule not, to quote Lincoln, “by the people, for the people.”

Still there is always sunshine after the rain, or given this weekend, torrential rain after a glorious weekend of sun. Let’s hope the week gets brighter Theresa has her Brexit approval, Sturgeon has her rerun, Jerry (Adams) has his posturing and Gibraltar is hoping once the big boys sort their agendas out we can live in peace and just a free flowing border? Comment and visit our website for all things pertaining to Trusts and Company Management.