In a few days this blogger for Cruzlaw is heading out on a journey. The journey of a lifetime which means instead of blogging legal stuff and anecdotes I shall be blogging when I can (internet reception  being available) about my journey.

This may or may not be of interest to you but I think it will give you a small diversion once a week during your mid-morning coffee/tea/latte/manchado/juice &etc.

This coming Sunday my journey starts with the usual Gibraltar to London flight. This journey has been years in the dreaming, months in the planning (to be fair planning but not actually formulating said plan) and saving for the cost. If you wish to follow my journey which will be in soundbites accompanied by the odd photo and will only take a minute or two to read. Especially for speed reading legal types. However I guarantee it will interest you at least for a while although some may take it to the next level and feel urged to try their own journey of discovery.

So on sunday I say goodbye to my homeland Gibraltar for an overnight in London Heathrow before boarding a flight that will take me some 8 hours across the world heading east and the land of the rising sun. By Tuesday given time changes I shall arrive in Tokyo, take the train to Shinjuku find my hostel and calm down for 3 days taking in a karate lesson or 2 before leaving Tokyo and discovering the country beyond.

I have my sleeping bag, some shoes and a poncho for the rain some days I will hitch, some I will walk some if I find a bike I might cycle and of course the odd train or flight won’t go amiss when needed. I expect to get stronger, thinner, considerably thinner and better at karate given health willing I will training most towns I visit. That is enough for now I merely want to whet your appetite.

More in the next blog.