Legal News

This weeks blog I thought some humour might help, serious of course and a true story. Our story teller begins one night while working his shift at a hotel. Just before he was about to depart for home a chap stopped at the reception desk. The story continues.

(Chap)“Hey, we just got invited to room ‘x’, and they had a ton of drugs and they shared with us, but they also had a lot of guns. Just thought you should know!” After his tale he walked out. Absolutely no further information to be had. It was late, and I was not about to Rambo myself into a room unarmed with an unknown number of armed people. So, I was left with the conundrum, “Do I do something about this or go home and hope they don’t do anything else and leave?” But since someone took the time to tell me, I figured it might be serious. I grabbed the night security guy and we called the cops. They had like six cops over to us really quickly, and we all went up.

They knocked. Some guy who legitimately couldn’t function answered the door. He didn’t even understand what the cops are saying, but he managed to nod his head yes when the cops asked if they could come in. That was all they needed. They popped in, and this group of people had at least seven or eight guns laying around and — I’m not kidding — a plastic storage container FULL of pills of some sort. I don’t remember how many gallons, but it was one of those big ones that everybody has in their attic with clothes they’re never going to wear again. It actually made the news as one of the largest drug busts the county has ever had. Tons of cash. You name it. There were so many laws being broken I don’t even know everything that they got charged with.

I said to myself, “Well, f***. All I wanted to do was go home, but now I’m stuck here with the cops and multiple arrests and writing reports.” I finally got to go home at around 2:00 am. I never got any information on the guys that reported it, but I didn’t care, and the cops didn’t care; they got the score of a lifetime.

I am sure given the amount of stories of a similar vein and books full of this kind of thing that your average criminal hasn’t quite got the IQ he or she thinks they have.