More odd laws …

As a follow up to our previous dip into some odd laws in UK here are some European laws that should make you titter .. unless you are German.

IT IS LEGAL TO BREAK OUT OF PRISON IN GERMANY. Funnily enough, escaping from prison is in itself not a crime, and there is even a reasoning behind it. According to the prevailing legal theory, it is a basic human instinct to escape from captivity, and as such it cannot be punished. However, there are a few caveats. Escaping from prison often involves other crimes, mostly property damage, but sometimes also violence. These crimes can of course be punished.

AN ASHTRAY IS CONSIDERED A LETHAL WEAPON IN PARIS. Don’t know why but they are so don’t touch one. It may explain why French ashtrays are always overflowing, at least they used to be… mmm maybe that’s why they banned smoking in public?

IT’S ILLEGAL TO NAME YOUR PIG NAPOLEON IN FRANCE. 200 years after Napoleon died (was murdered depending on your view) you still cannot call your pet pig Napoleon. Obviously because doing so would be an insult to the Head of State. I’m sure he is happy just to be remembered.

IT’S ILLEGAL FOR MEN TO WEAR SKIRTS IN ITALY. Apparently this is true but for what reason I don’t know unless it hurts Italian male pattern macho-ness. So whatever you do even if the urge to go on that stag do as air hostesses is burning…. leave it out leave the skirt at home and dress as cavemen instead.

PEEING IN THE SEA IN PORTUGAL IS ILLEGAL. Finally, Be careful in Portugal. It’s illegal to pee in the sea. Although it is unclear how they can see you doing it if you are waist deep in water and you don’t wear that “relieved” expression while at it? So be careful, you wouldn’t want to spend your holiday locked up in a police station, for doing something that fish do on a regular basis.