New Yacht Registration legislation post Brexit

Gibraltar Merchant Shipping (SHIP REGISTRATION) (EU EXIT) REGULATIONS 2020 now allows nationals of the following countries and territories to register their vessel in Gibraltar under the British Red Ensign.
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Gibraltar Ship and Yacht Registry to the following nationals.
  • (a) British citizens;
  • (b) British Overseas Territories citizens;
  • (c) British overseas citizens;
  • (d) persons who under the British Nationality Act 1981, are British subjects;
  • (e) persons who under the Hong Kong (British Nationality) Order 1986, are British Nationals (Overseas);
  • (f) citizens of the Republic of Ireland and such other countries as may be prescribed;
  • (g) Commonwealth citizens;
  • (h) citizens of an approved country specified in Schedule 9;
  • (i) bodies corporate incorporated in any relevant British possession;
  • (j) nationals of an EEA State.


Schedule 9 List of countries and territories:

The approved countries are:

  • (a) Argentina;
  • (b) Aruba;
  • (c) Bahrain;
  • (d) Brazil;
  • (e) the Canary Islands;
  • (f) China;
  • (g) the Faroe Islands;
  • (h) Haiti; (i) Israel;
  • (j) Japan;
  • (k) Liberia;
  • (l) Madeira;
  • (m) the Marshall Islands;
  • (n)Monaco;
  • (o) Panama;
  • (p) South Korea;
  • (q) Switzerland;
  • (r )Suriname
  • (s) the United Arab Emirates;
  • (t) and the United States of America.