No3 in No10

As of around 4pm UK time today Boris Johnson will be installed by HM The Queen, the third Prime Minister since the Tory government won a whopping majority subsequently bungled by Theresa May believing her popularity reached beyond the Tory membership and blew it in an unnecessary election proving it didn’t. Her legacy is not the one she has tried to create in the past few weeks, she has to be judged on her 3 years and on that she has proven to be an abject failure.

Mainstream media loves Boris, he is a figure they can ridicule and lampoon without fear as he plays the game far better than most. Perhaps Mrs Thatcher was the last politician with truly thick skin, thick enough to suffer any sling and arrow but sharp enough of wit and intellect to find a cutting retort for even the most robust of opponents. Boris as a friend of mine recently explained is Churchillian in his devices. His whole life seems to emulate Churchill as close as possible without the suffering of the Boer War or World War I.

Clementine & Winnie

Boris’ speeches are littered with references and follow the same pattern as Churchill’s which many have tried but with less aplomb. Churchill too had a rapid rise with a fall from grace. As First Lord of the Admiralty in 1911 he argued for the Navy’s reduction in size, the difference between then and now being he argued before the war started to increase spending so the Royal Navy was more than ready for what lie ahead. Alas his determined urge to march the ships through the Med and troops forward led to the disaster and huge loss of life of Gallipoli, thus his humiliation. He decided the only way to recover his reputation was to resign from politics and enter the field of battle, something no politician would even contemplate these days. By 1916 he had achieved this through his madcap heroics on the front, being urged on by his wife Clementine in letters to keep going even though she dreaded the possible letter pronouncing his death, as she relayed news from home.

Boris steps into No10 with the chance to emulate his hero further as the RN badly needs immediate funding given the latest spat in the Straits of Hormuz. He won’t have to go to war to recover the reputation the MSM have given him but his Gallipoli is Brexit and if he can turn the 31st October into his very own 1916 he can return to the people with probably the chance of a majority greater even than Cameron’s.

The clock is ticking.