October 17th don’t go anywhere!

CM Fabian Picardo has announced the general election is to be on the 17th October thereby confirming what everyone with an interest has been saying for months. There are a couple of lines to take on this decision although with a third party there could be three.

Twitter in Gibraltar has started on it and the CM has been tweeting links to ensure voters particularly postals are all registered asap. As we know all votes are important if you are in doubt go here to check and sort it “Electoral roll.”

Four parties, three you can vote for as an entity this will probably be the most interesting since the PDP entered the fray. It will also be interesting to see how “brexit” determines what comes next politically. 2019 has to go down as the European year of politics so much is happening within it politicians will be earning royalties from books about it for years to come. The rest of us will just make a cross let the decision be made and get on with our real lives. Exciting though isn’t it?