Odd laws around the world.. a little light reading for you.

Remember when rapper 50 cent was arrested for swearing on stage in St Kitts? No? Well he was and some say probably correct on musical grounds. However although archaic it maybe a great idea these days everywhere as people think it is ok to profane ad hoc, when we know they are just trying to prove they are grown up. Alas with maturity come self control and reasoned argument, where would the law be without those substituting profanity as an argument in a learned court?

So here are a few other odd laws you ought to be aware of as we tend to wander far and wide the days in search of fun, festivities and culture.

1. For example if you like a spot of fishing there is a Parliamentary Act of 1986, yes 1986, that states it is “illegal” to hold a salmon suspiciously. I have no idea how that pans out or indeed what one police officer might consider suspicious. Maybe sliding it into your coat pocket while looking up and to the right or left? Next time you are down Fish Market Road or the market buying a salmon for dinner do so with forthright gusto declaring to everyone “I am buying a salmon” or you could run foul of the law.

2. Interestingly you cannot import chewing gum into Singapore. Singapore like Gibraltar is a rather small enclave and like Gibraltar, though we still have the problem the streets were littered with sticky gum. It’s reputation and conversion into one of the money making capitals of the world is renowned it seems too they have created laws to turn the country into somewhere people want to walk. We could learn a thing or two and walking down Main Street this law might even be number one on our list. Only dental and nicotine gum are allowed in Singapore any other type is banned. Apparently it keeps the streets clean and free of gum. 

3. Denmark is very clean gum is fine there because the population know not to litter. However with gum chewing emancipation comes another freedom the world enjoys. Choosing the name of your child.You are only allowed to choose from a list of 7000 names which to be fair is a few and given the amount of “Kylies” “Brads” and “Jennifers” maybe people don’t even use all of them. The law is in place to stop parents choosing silly names for children that suit them and not the child as they grow up. However if you wish to choose a new one you can apply for approval to the Ankestyrelsen a state body would approve if accepted by the church too. Interestingly there are other places that have similar rules U.S. states for example and did you know to name your child “Nutella” is illegal in France?

4. Finally here is a law I really like, The city of Petrolia in Ontario, Canada has a law that limits excessive noise. They say it is to keep excessive noise down between the hours of 11pm and 7am BUT according to the town’s website it states that no yelling, shouting, whistling or singing is allowed at any time. Be great at a sports or music venue that place?

So there you go your diversion done for the day, I may set some more out for you next time so for now get back to work. LOL (note to self: I wonder if there is a law against writing acronyms?)