Odd news

After all the covid and legal news recently I thought a light hearted piece would see us through October … Here are some stories from the international press.

Suspicious people.

10.10pm Suspicious people were reportedly doing something with flashlights by the side of North 5th Street in custer. A deputy checked and found people were not suspicious but merely Canadians. The out-of-towners were enjoying and evening stroll. (Unknown origin)

Or was it the murder????

A convicted murderer has sued the detective who arrested him saying the investigator ruined his good reputation and good name! (Times News)

Wendy’s Employees are tough!

Police are looking for a man who tried to rob a Wendy’s wearing a plastic bag over his head. Police Lt. Tom Basham (what a name) told the Orange County Register That the man pulled up to the drive through window, pointed a handgun and demanded money. The server closed the window and walked away. (California)

Subpar folding skills

Early Monday morning in Hayfork, California a women requests a police officer because her housekeeper is not folding her towels away properly.

and finally…

Dog attack 

At the Lower Duck Pond, Lithia Park. Police responded to a report of two dogs running loose and attacking ducks around 11.20am Sunday. According to police records the duck refused treatment and left the area?

Have a great week..