Rangers lose out.

“Rangers have been ordered to close a section of Ibrox against Legia Warsaw after UEFA ruled some of their fans were guilty of “racist behaviour” – specifically “sectarian chants”. At least 3,000 seats will lie empty for next Thursday’s Europa League play-off second leg following the decision by UEFA’s control and disciplinary body.” (Gibraltar Chronicle)

The subsequent ruling by UEFA is an interesting. Sectarian chanting is a bit of a coverall and not just with religious connotations. Any chanting against any specific group of people could be considered sectarianism. The rules on Racist and Religious Hate Crime are here for anyone that wants the full detail it was meant to help in terms of football but it as always covers a lot of other things. As a football fan it might curb some of the funnier yet abusive chants that do occur which make football enjoyable but i have my doubts it will ever stop idiots being idiots.

For example I remember going to watch a match in the North of England in the early 90’s when Alan Shearer played for Blackburn his star was on the rise and they were about to top the league. I spent almost the full 90 minutes sat next to a portly chap who, anytime Shearer got within range, would shout, “Shearer, you’re a woman!” As put downs go it was at least on the side of amusing if weak? This to me was passable if a little boring eventually. I also went to a Chelsea v Man Utd game in the 90’s in London. As Teddy Sheringham was warming up before going on for Manchester the Chelsea fans stretched their creativity to the limit by literally shouting “Teddy you’re a c**t!” I felt not only for Sheringham but for every child that could hear it. All because these players dare ply their trade and eventually put on an England shirt where they will be lauded by all.

Downright rude and obscene comments have no place in public anywhere unless you are a complete bigot, a racist or just plain stupid. It is common place to hear obscene language everywhere these days and no one bothers about it, those that do would be ganged up on and silenced probably even by the mothers of those being abusive. Society needs legislation like this because people no longer control or manage themselves. I maybe long in the tooth, a dinosaur even because I don’t want to hear this kind of behaviour. The trouble is because of it laws are created all the time and each one slowly erodes the very rights we claim to enjoy and have except we don’t, really and few will notice this until they are all gone.