Sanchez under fire?

News of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez taking it from all sides in the Spanish parliament is neatly juxtaposed by Theresa May’s own woes. Whilst one in essence is simple to solve Theresa’s issues goes far deeper with not only public and personal consequences but with possible huge business questions and undoubted international ramifications for years to come.

Our very own Chief Minister Fabian Picardo has spoken well and in fact left no stone unturned trying to soothe our worries as a nation of remainers, (96%) and at the same time supporting the United Kingdom in achieving what its referendum called for back in 2016, “leave”. He and his deputy Joe Garcia have done a sterling (forgive the pun) job negotiating within the the UK and Spain especially the Campo  economic area. There is no doubt any impact we feel from Brexit the campo would suffer more and we, as a country, are trying to alleviate the issue for us as well as them.

This leads me to Mr Sanchez. Whilst brexit is a difficult issue for all including the 27 other nations. Sovereignty of Gibraltar the burning issue that Pedro Sanchez’s virtue signalling feels is more important even than the economy Spain or Al Andalus, needs to be addressed first. It is simple. Brexit comes after 40 years, the “union” is still in it’s infancy and growing though not economically given that some countries are desperate to partake of the wealth to help their own economic problems. Why come up with good policies when being part of the union means a regular handout to help your political career? Sanchez is  doubling down on this by rolling out their ridiculous claim to Gibraltar based on words and treaties they dare not take to an international court of law.

Our advice is simple Mr Sanchez. Accept Gibraltar is sovereign, allow the Campo de Gibraltar in partnership with Gibraltar to continue its economic development and you get back to running your country making it a net contributor to the apparent EU miracle and not a net beneficiary!