THE Boat Race you must see!!!

This Saturday the 18th August is the big day for Ocean Village.

The Gibraltar Cardboard Boat raceis an annual event  and one of the “free fun” highlights of Gibraltar’s summer. Originally a military event for many years it was held off a beach at RAF Gibraltar amongst others. It was a simple fun, team event that morphed into a charity event and always included an element of “war” as competing boats, that didn’t sink within the first few seconds, threw flour bombs and water at each other. Since the slow reduction in numbers and sections at RAF Gibraltar the event seemed to go quietly into the sunset until the Royal Antediluvian Order of the Buffaloes ( RAOB Gibraltar) barnstormed into pole.

For the past few years this event has gained new life and this year 2018 looks like being the biggest ever. These days it takes place at the small marina in Ocean village complete with a simple course, surrounded by restaurants, bars and people what is there not to like. Two races one for adults and one for juniors take place all in a good cause with fun being the central theme. No one cares who wins, really all they care abut is which boat lasts the longest and how well the sailors go down with their ships. Two years ago one boat sank only to a depth of about 4 feet, so the two sailors paddled on and completed the course in one of those rare moments of conversion from boat to submarine. They came last but got a hell of a cheer.

Dave Gibbons along with Darren Olivero run the event and MC Frankie Hatton keeps everyone in the loop. The sponsors are too big to mention so click here, read and donate if you wish.

The boats will be in Casemates for a viewing by the public to admire or laugh at, each boats has a theme and leave your PC hat at home these are real people having fun and enjoying their day helping charity. Following that they will parade off to Ocean Village for the start of the events.





10:00am Teams assemble in Casemates Square for viewing and Judging
11:30am All teams move off to Ocean Village Marina
12:00pm – 12:15pm Juniors Boat Race

13:00pm Grand Raffle Draw

Adults Boat Race​ – Heat 1
Adults Boat Race​ – Heat 2
Adults Boat Race​ – Final

15:30pm Prize ceremony

Enjoy the day and next year why not enter your own boat but make sure you can swim before you do, it’s 80% of the fun.