Cruzlaw LLP and its associated licensed corporate provider Acquarius Trust Group have a wealth of experience in corporate finance, regulatory advice and company management. Our team of professionals from varying disciplines is headed by our partners Nick Cruz and Christina Wright who have been advising FinTech clients since 2014 and Oliver Andlaw, Managing and Finance Director of Acquarius Trust Group, an accountant with over 17 years’ experience in the city of London, specialising in media and entrepreneurial corporate finance and Paul Miles our non-exec Director has over 40 years’ experience in banking and corporate finance and who sits on the DLT company management working panel with the GFSC.

We can assist clients looking to set up FinTech and crypto projects in a number of ways,

Legal and Advisory Services

With a team experienced in all areas of corporate finance including regulatory advice, drafting of prospectuses and particular to finch and crypto the drafting of white papers, corporate structuring and financial modelling we can assist in a number of areas including:

•Structuring of ICOs/Token Sales.

•Application to the GFSC for a financial services licence to become a regulated DLT firm.

•Assistance and advice on the drafting of whitepapers.

•Legal opinions and verifications of whitepaper content.

•Advice on investment structure and Gibraltar tax implications.

•Advice on regulatory and compliance issues.

•Advice on best practice corporate governance.

•Advice on anti-money laundering procedures, compliance with data protections and drafting privacy policies.

•Drafting terms and conditions and contracts.

•Advice and options on the use and establishment of Gibraltar Funds.

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