US results in? No not yet.

In UK elections take time but they are generally over by the early hours of the morning. Here in Gibraltar the “counters” take pride in getting their job done faster than anyone. There is a race for the polling booths to get their checks done and have their ballot box be the first to arrive at the counting tables in John Macintosh Hall.

If you have never been involved I can tell you it is exciting just watching the count. Even better are the anxious faces on those hoping to get into Government. Their wives or husbands feeling this emotion and each ballot box signals new hope for all before the gates are crossed, the tally is done and emotions of jubilation, sorrow or even rancour permeate the halls. However that is Europe. In America ironically where you’d expect the dual system of Democrat/Republican would be a simple count against UK or Gibraltars several candidates it well… it seems they can even make that more complicated than it should be.


America, the country where buying a single hamburger has more choices than the England football manager has when picking players for his squad from the top two leagues. Asking for a burger requires so many answers people have gone hoarse during selection. Try going to the new smart machines and ordering there. There’s to be a new health problem called stubby finger syndrome. The constant of pressing for choices suffers no digit gladly.


So it is with the Presidential election. They start off well, two colours one for each side. Tick. They’ve named the sides simply too and for those not sure using your fingers Democrat has 8 letters Republican; 10. Tick. The candidates however move up to 4. Two for president and two for vice-president. But in a saving grace they both use the same box so if you only like one of the four you can still vote for your favourite. All good so far.

Except it isn’t and 7 days later we still haven’t got a full result for the election. Media analysts have called the election, Joe & Kamala are picking out the curtains but Donald is changing the locks so they cannot get in. More next week on “Whitehouse Waiting” the new soap opera with extra time for the undecided.