Who is that masked man?

Masks when we were kids, were something the Lone Ranger or a South American wrestler wore. Generally masks were used to hide identity more often for those with nefarious intent. But what more nefarious than an almost invisible, debilitating disease brought on by a virus that in some cases actually does have deadly intent.

However there are things more nefarious that have a direct link to the virus. In law we call it “malfeasance.”  We all get our information from television and radio and these mediums must hold the highest levels of trust and confidence second only to the very people that run the country. Hold on. I speak worldwide not of our own little 6km squared peninsula. Who has doubts over information that comes from the media as well as health representatives and politicians? Everybody should for that is the inherent check we should all carry out in regard to publicly issued information. These doubts are also allied closely to the level of trust we have, particularly for our politicians. Previously any medical practitioner, nurse or scientist would be trusted completely, now 12 months into this pandemic trust is at an all time low for some. Why is that? Have they allied themselves too closely with the politicians or have the politicians highjacked their trusted position to elevate their own status? The majority of us look to more than one source for our news and information. I flick between Sky, BBC and ITV news in the morning. I scan twitter, parler and check hyperlinks to the sources they quote hoping for real news instead of yet another link to some youtuber. The circling wagons of trust and doubt are like Schroedinger’s cat you only see the one you are looking at. So it seems we are stuck in a quantum reality with this virus.

Which takes me back to the masks. I like millions of others have had vaccinations since birth all of which are needed or have eradicated disease by their use. Everyone of which has been thoroughly tested  and deemed safe for use. None of them have been risk free and all have at some point affected the health of some people maybe all of them in some way. Does this shock you or were you already aware? The side effects of most if not the majority are minimal and many people won’t even notice them. Interestingly it’s a fact that over the past few years we have seen a rise in the incidence of diseases believed gone. Apart from parts of the world without the sanitation, hygiene and medical care we take for granted there are a growing number of parents not getting or refusing vaccination for their children. In my opinion this is a mistake for the greater good.

It must be up to each individual to decide to take it or not and those requesting the elderly get it first sound like they want them as test subjects, hardly humane if you think about it. Whatever you decide is up to you and this passport or paper that enables you only to fly if you have the vaccine may be contrary to personal freedom but it is a choice you must take if you want to fly. Otherwise holiday at home or continue to do business on zoom.

Whatever your stance on this virus the world has decided it is dangerous and politicians are in control for now so you may have to go along with it or wear your masks forever!