Why Gibraltar


Gibraltar is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom which is self-governing, English speaking, politically stable and economically successful.


The  ability to offer services within a low tax jurisdiction has contributed to Gibraltar’s development and standing as a major International Finance Centre.

Benefits of Gibraltar Include:

Politically stable – ceded in perpetuity by Spain to Great Britain under the Treaty of Utrecht 1713 Gibraltar has been a British overseas territory for more than 300 years. Gibraltar’s Constitution guarantees that Britain will never enter into arrangements that would place Gibraltar under the sovereignty of any other state against freely and democratically expressed wishes of the people of Gibraltar.

Familiar legal system – largely based on English law, is overseen by an independent judiciary. The Trustee Act of Gibraltar is the main governing Act; it is based on the Trustee Act 1893 of the United Kingdom, with amendments being made from time to time. In 1989 Gibraltar introduced the Trusts (Recognition) Act.

Well regulated – The Gibraltar Financial Services Commission is charged with regulating financial services business in Gibraltar including Trust and Company Management.  Clients and advisors can be confident that Gibraltar has the necessary expertise, regulation and supervision to ensure the maximum protection whilst at the same time ensuring the development of Gibraltar as a safe and reputable finance centre.

Favourable tax benefits – include Corporate tax of 10% on Gibraltar local businesses only otherwise 0%, no CGT, No VAT, no IHT, no wealth tax, no tax on interest and special tax residency statuses for High Net Worth Individual relocating to Gibraltar (Cat 2 and HEPSS).