Gibraltar – A place to live & work

The Changing Face of Gibraltar

Over the last 30 years, Gibraltar has seen a rapid transformation from a country almost entirely dependent on its position as a British naval dockyard to becoming a major international finance centre.

The strategy to promote Gibraltar’s favourable tax regime to the international finance sector has resulted in significant and stable economic growth.

This is reflected by the recent construction of impressive modern office and retail complexes such as the ‘World Trade Centre’, redevelopment of the Marina to create the spectacular ‘Ocean Village’ and the newly opened airport to accommodate increased visitor and business traffic.

Situated on the southern tip of Spain, Gibraltar is often described as “the gateway to the Mediterranean”.

With an area of only 6.8km2, the landscape is dominated by the towering Rock of Gibraltar with the main town – consisting of an eclectic mix of picturesque streets and cobbled alleyways – lying at its feet.


The famous Rock of Gibraltar

A popular tourist destination, Gibraltar retains an air of mystery and exudes eccentricity. In part, this is due to its strong English connection displayed by the ‘old red post boxes’ and British style ‘Bobbies’ in combination with other resilient reminders of its proud history as an important military fortress. Equally, one cannot ignore the Moorish and Spanish influences which emphasise its cultural diversity and Mediterranean location.

Combined with a sub-tropical climate, Gibraltar has emerged as a favoured destination to both live and work. Its proximity to Spain offers the additional attraction of experiencing a further lifestyle choice and access to superb golf courses and water sport activities.