World Trade Centre

It’s a rather grand title for Gibraltar especially given the dramatic and shockingly sad end to the last one in New York but in some ways it shows that Gibraltar is looking forward with exhuberence if not always total confidence. Brexit is coming and our current Government is to be applauded for taking literally, “the bull by the horns” (a term our neighbours will be please to hear and written for reasons of inclusivity), and advance our cause for economic growth instead of sitting and hoping. There are several other building projects on going in fact you could be excused for thinking there is no problem for us in terms of Brexit. This is exactly the right tack to take. Why should we sit and wait like a patient in an NHS A&E? Will we be seen and heard, will there be space for us and can anyone help us with a prescription?

world-trade-center-gibraltarThe fact is we need to self medicate and by that I don’t mean the illegal variety. Gibraltar is a player and we have some intellectual weight both home grown and imported. There is financial muscle and the current Finance Minister Albert Isola along with the Chief Minister seems hell bent on taking us further. The “go to” option for finance companies, businesses and the wealthy alike. It is clear our tourist product is developing nicely under this and the previous Government but it can in no way sustain economic growth of the scale we need to prosper as a modern forward thinking society with all the ills, woes and frills it entails.

The Gibraltar WTC is a magnificent looking building I hope it lives up to it’s billing as a world trade centre and not a local business or government housing project. To that end the work starts here. Acquarius is always going beyond our shores looking for the work and business we need to keep Gibraltar’s economy going, others are too and we need more. The Government has a strategy and has been implementing it for some time in the U.S. China etc. Brexit means Brexit but we are not Britain we are British, proud of it but independent enough to go out, leave the coat tails and achieve for ourselves what we need to succeed.