You will need us if you enter the crypto market.

If you are considering doing business with blockchain technology, it is likely that you will need a lawyer. Since the technology is largely unregulated currently, if you start a new ICO, start an altcoin mutual fund, set up a major mining farm, or set up a new decentralized application, you need to seek out legal advice to avoid complications or costly fines. For the legal industry, this has caused a bit of a renaissance. Not only are the larger firms working to deploy blockchain technology to simplify processing and storage procedures in their offices, but a number of firms have embraced blockchain law as a specialty. Gibraltar being ahead of the game in terms of regulation has it’s fair share of legal firms but we believe, Cruzlaw LLP are positioned exactly where you want a law firm to be with associated firms that can dovetail everything together to simplify your need as a client. Thankfully we don’t have to deal with sceptical regulators here in Gibraltar the Government are ICO friendly it is a really useful first step and does ease the path for any ICO. Whatever your reason to raise capital we can advise you and facilitate it. We are still at the early stages of this phenomenon with currently some 1500 coins out there at varying stages of success and failure. The popularity of ICOs as an alternative tool for fundraising has rocketed in the past year, coinciding with surging cryptocurrency prices. More than 200 coins were launched in 2017, raising about $3.9bn for early stage companies globally, according to tracking website CoinSchedule. Already in 2018, more than $4.7bn has been raised from about 150 new tokens. They have also begun to creep into the mainstream, with several large companies announcing their own ICOs in recent months. Numerous investors have lost money on ICO scams, while other launches have been linked to illicit activity such as money laundering or simply failed to produce the promised services. According to the website, 46 per cent of businesses that held ICOs last year have already been unsuccessful.

It is important with the current landscape you get in touch with Cruzlaw LLP legal advice and guidance because when the crypto world finally goes mainstream which it will, the clamouring will be enormous and second is just last in a two horse race.